Latest obsessions.....

This outfit is pretty much a classic me outfit. I've got a slight obsession with contrasting fabric right now, it's a problem but one i'm happy to deal with.

          Contrast fabric Jacket H&M £34.99. 
                                                         Shorts charity shop (Levis)
                            Khaki t-shirt with studded cross New Look £7 (on promotion)

It's one of those outfits with pieces that individually aren't that special  but together really look great. I would probably wear this in the day and on a night out to the pub. Quite versatile  Studded slippers or an ankle boot would look great with this!

Jewellery  wise.......

I put some of this Jewellrey with another outfit from a night out a while ago. You get the idea, lots of layered necklaces...adding some more of that contrast that I can't get enough of!  I think it would look just as good with this outfit! Maybe add a few extra rings and a slick of grey nail polish for a bit of extra edge.

Sue. x

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