Beautiful disaster....

Hello lovely readers! Thank you so much for stopping by if you are new here or if not then welcome back! I have some pictures to share with you. I've been a busy bee, attempting to inject some of my own style into my bedroom.  We have lived here since April so there are really no excuses for my lack of decoration and inspiration.  However I have finally got round to taking some possessions out of boxes (yes I still had some things in boxes, for shame) and sorting my room which was I shall admit becoming a bit of dumping ground.  

Here are lots of pictures, I do hope you like pictures!

This P.A.R.I.S sign was a gift from my boyfriend.  We found it in a little local vintage shop called 'Rags to Riches'. It is literally a two minute walk from my house I go there all the time!  The bedding is from Argos. Unfortunately I'm not sure if this is still available in shops, I think it was end of line as I got it extraordinarily cheaply! It is lovely though and we got the matching bed runner. The cushions are all from Asda, they were £4 each. The room diffuser is from next, it's called Milan. It smells divine! However if you have small room or you are not a fan of strong smells this may not be for you! It can be extremely overpowering, sometimes I have to move it over to my windowsill.  It costs £5, so if you did want to try it and you don't like it it won't break the bank.

In this picture I also have a bottle of Beyonce Midnight Heat. I got this for Christmas, it's lovely! Very musky but I am a fan of these types of perfumes so it's a brilliant 'night out' perfume.  


 My bedside table wasa gift from my boyfriend. I don't have matching ones but I don't mind this.  The lamp was a hand me down it's not my exact taste but it gives light, so that surely is the main thing!  No books on my bedside table lately instead the season 6 boxset of Supernatural! I can't wait for this weekend, I'm basically going to watch this! I bought it with a Christmas gift voucher.  I was one of the unfortunate thousands with a HMV gift card! Luckily they accept them now. Yay. 

Fresh flowers for me are a must, they pretty up your bedroom so much. So feminine,I love buying a fresh bunch from the Supermarket! Oh, and not forgetting the obligatory cup of tea, in my favourite mug no less.  Where would we be without tea!?


A few photo frames I've collected over the years, I intend to haphazardly place them on my wall and fill them with pretty pictures.

Here are a few things I intend to put upon the wall this weekend. From the left, this is a little picture I made myself out of an old magazine.I forget the name right now, but it was one of those arty farty ones.  The mirror I found on a car boot sale! For £5 you really cannot go wrong! The pin board is from Boots, in the  75% off sale.  For a meager £4.00. Next another Sue original, haha made from the style pages of The Guardian. This is looking a little tatty now though so I am most likely going to re-do this.  I'm contemplating trying my hand at screen printing. Whether or not this actually happens.....I shall keep you posted! 

Finally a simple silver frame I found with lots of empty slots for pictures of my family. Brilliant. 


These boxes I found in QD, £3.99 for three! I love them I think they look like a wedding cake. So romantic! The polka dot heart pegs I got in Listers, for £2.50. So cute!


Here are a few books I like and read every so often. I piled these books together on the floor and placed a birdcage on top I thought it looked interesting! I use the cage to store necklaces and bracelets, bit more interesting than your usual jewellery box. These books were either gifts or I picked them up myself extremely cheaply!

I got this mirror at the bargain price of £5 at the recent Boots 75% off sale.  My find of the month! The two trinket boxes I got at my local charity shop for around £1 each and the vase and flowers I also got at a charity shop for £1.99! 

Also I have Soap&Glory Heel Genius, this is a must for this time of year!  Wearing thick socks and tights can play havoc with your poor feet! Milan and London perfumes from Next are my current 'go to's'. I wear Milan during the day and London at night!

I do hope you enjoyed this mini tour of my room. As a bit of a nosy parker I love looking at pictures of people homes! So thought I would add mine to the pot!  

Have you recently revamped your space? I would love to see! From one nosy parker to another link me up and feel free to comment!

Sue x


  1. Love all of these things, especially the PARIS sign! xxx

  2. Susanne! Bloomin gorgeous! Love it all! That bedside table is...TO DIE FOR!!! xx

  3. I know!To think, I was unsure when he first brought it home, now I loooves it so much!xx