Blanc / Noir....

Hello lovely people! Well, after going into my local River Island store the other week and spotting this T-Shirt I can officially announce I am in lust!

I have to admit I am a newbie to River Island. I find a lot of their clothes out of my price range and when I see something I like I tend to find a similar item elsewhere a little closer in price to my budget! However every now and then I will find something I love and cannot leave behind. Last time it was a blue blazer with contrast leather sleeves and now it's this!


I love the chain detail on the collar! I think this will become my new obsession, 'pre-attached jewellery'. Love it! Definitely going to style this up with my H&M studded boots and grey jeans! 

How would you style this? I'd love to know! 

Sue x


  1. so in love with this amazing top thanks for sharing it!
    xx rae

  2. hey i just found your blog and i really love it!! you have a new follower :)
    hope your visit! xx

    1. Thakyouu! Just checked out your blog,you also have a new follower! x