Lace lace baby..

Hello there! Yes I know, the hat and the shorts are back out in force.  But i do wear them a lot! I guess that's what everybody does, we all have a 'uniform' we wear daily for some it's polkadot dresses for me it's this! I like the way the shapes of these clothes look on me, I feel comfortable like this and I have to feel right when I leave the house, otherwise my whole day is thrown off!  This is why I find it so hard to dress for occasions   Weddings, Christenings you name it I've got it wrong, terribly wrong!  

Here's an outfit I picked up relatively cheaply and love.  

Lace top//Around £3.00//Charity shop
Levis cut offs//Charity shop
Studded cuban heel boots//Primark//£20.00
Turquoise bracelet//Dorothy Perkins//£2.00 (in the sale)
Bracelets with beads and charms//Topshop//£3.50 (in the sale, mixture of two sets) 

Rose gold and blue//Topshop//£2.50 (in the sale)
Pastel triangle//Primark//£1.00 (in the sale)
Long necklace with crystals//Primark//£2.00 (in the sale)

This lace top was a bargain find, my BF spotted it and convinced me to buy it.  I wasn't sure at first as I had one a little similar, the other one has since been relegated! Layering necklaces is an easy way of adding interest and re-using your existing necklaces to create a totally different look!  There are limitless possibilities to this, if you look in the shops right now you will see tons of examples of necklaces that have this look.  The motto is, the gaudier the better! Put a couple of necklaces together now see how they look, you might be surprised! 

The burgundy jacket looks so much better in real life.  H&M leather jackets are brilliant.  They are half the price of Topshop and last for years.  I've got an old H&M one I've had since Uni (a good 8 years ago now!) and it's still as good as new.  

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank the lovely Beka from Beka's Beauty and Charlotte from Fashion Girl.  They have both nominated me for a Liebster Award! When I first received this from Donna at Polkadot Pink I was sooo pleased as it is hard for us 'under 200's'.  It's easy to feel like nobody is reading what you write, but it's made me so pleased to think that I've been thought of as among someones top blogs right now! So thank you! I will be writing up a post answering the questions soon! 

Also please don't forget to enter my competition! Enter here It's to win a half moon necklace from Delilah Dust! This is such a wonderful piece and I'm sure you will love it! I have ordered from Antonia and will be writing up a post on how I style my new addition soon! So keep checking back! 



  1. Love your shorts! xxxx

  2. Your shorts are gorgeous. Lovely look:) x

  3. so cool! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  4. Amazing - £3 for that top. Need to fit in some thrift shopping I think!

    New post up if you would like to take a look please. Thanks! :)

    Monochrome, Tassels & Metallics #ootd



  5. This outfit is super cute! Love the massive hat and the necklace xx

  6. These layered necklaces look so great! I used to wear multiple necklaces all the time but haven't for a long time. You've really inspired me to start again though.

    Elise x