River Island Styled by You: Shortlisted!

 Those of you that have followed my previous posts regarding the River Island Styled by You competition will be aware that I submitted entries with the hope of being shortlisted.....and I actually did get shortlisted! Yay!

Every week until the end of the competition 10 entries are selected and I was one of the lucky 10 this week! I am unbelievably pleased and will stay optimistic until the very end! Even though I am sooo happy to be chosen and in the gallery, the critic in me still chirped up...'why didn't I bloomin' smile'! Haha. Ah well!


Looking through the rest of the entries,even from just this week, I have some stiff competition!  Hopefully I will get a little further though, so pleease keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

When I received the email telling me the news I had to answer a couple of questions. The first question was based on what my fashion inspirations are.So that gives some context to the above statement! 

I fully stand by my answer I love taking inspiration from others. I love taking a style and twisting it to fit my body shape and personal preferences. I believe any person no matter your age, size whatever can wear any trend/look. It's all about how you put your own spin on it! 

Did you enter? Any shortlisted bloggers reading this? If so send me your blog links I'd love to see what else you have styled! In fact everyone send me your links! Saturday nights are made for fashion inspiration!



  1. oh wow i didn't know about this! but sounds fun!


  2. Well done, you deserve it! xx