Poundland haul // Nail wraps and Toni & Guy!

Hello! If you follow me on Twitter @susytron then you may have seen my tweet declaring I had spent 11 whole pounds in Poundland.  How? I do not know.  I have never spent that much in one go in there ever! Was I missing out? Well basically, yes.  

I am familiar with the bargain make up to be found adorned across their shelves, but on walking in today I literally was taken aback at how much choice they have in the jazzing of the nails department! So I got 3 packs of nail stickers. I bloody love nail stickers. I'm a lazy nail girl, I haven't the patience to sit there for an hour painting patterns on my nails.  Kudos to those that do, as I am bored at the mere unscrewing of the cap and instantly find something I would much prefer to do i.e eating beans (I hate beans).  Ramble, ramble yada yada .... Nail stickers are the perfect lazy girl, easy, no fuss way of creating the aforementioned jazzing of the nails! 

These ones are fab, I do hope you agree! Loads of patterns to choose from with 20 in each pack so you get a couple of wears out of them! Plus you get an emery board too!

I've been looking for a detox shampoo for ages, I've either been looking in the wrong place (the shampoo aisle obviously confuses me) or it is hiding from me, naughty detox shampoo.  So Poundland came up trumps with this lovely little Toni&Guy travel sized detox shampoo! Thanks Poundland! 


Clearly you mathematicians out there will figure this little lot doesn't come to £11! I also bought a Rimmel clear lip gloss, breakfast biscuits (cannot live without), a Sally Hanson silver nail polish, paracetamols (ooo interesting), two packs of Haribo and the wily lady at the checkout totally sold me on the 4 pack of Toffee Crisps! 



  1. Ooh wow, what a bargain! :)
    I'm definitely gonna go check out my local Poundland for these!

    1. I know! They are great too if you wanna wear them for a night out and you fancy trying something a little bit different!


  2. Those nail wraps are lovely, definitely going to check them out! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. Loving those nail wraps.. what a bargain!! xx

    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. The nail wraps look great, I need to try them out soon and these are such a bargain!


  5. Ooh I might have to pop down and have a browse! I too hate beans, with a pation, to the extent that its almost a phobia. URGGHHH. We are not alone in the hatred of beans.

    Hannah :) xo