Worldwide Wardrobe Competition | Shopping in London.

Hello! Here is my 'Shopping in London' entry for the Travel Supermarket Worldwide Wardrobe Competition! You can find all the details right here! In my previous post I created an outfit for 'Sightseeing in Paris' which was SO much fun.  I love styling up outfits! Hope you like my entry!

Blouse // Borne by Elise Berger // £60.00
Skirt // River Island // £18.00
Bag // Topshop // £30.00
Agent ankle boots //Asos // £55.00
Necklace // Topshop // £16.50

Total 179.50

I love this top so much! A sucker for a collar anyway I am equally in love with the colour, I love grey! It is a fabulous alternative to black, which don't get me wrong is uh-mazing but sometimes a bit of grey really does go a long way! Grey in my opinion goes with everything, it is a great colour for daytime and I think it helps make the skirt a lot more wearable during the day! 

I have decided to go for a large bag with a long strap that you can wear across your body.  A must have as hands need to be free for all the shopping bags and most importantly shopping snacks you will acquire throughout the day! Mmmm snacks. 

Flat boots are my go to shoe, love the detailing on these, very subtle and chelsea boots are timeless so will last forever! This necklace is simply incredible.  I've picked up the neon of the skirt using the necklace and I think it really adds an extra edge to the whole outfit! You can't go wrong with triangles! 

By the way it is no coincidence I have the grand total of £20.50 left over.  What would I spend that on? FOOD. Of course! 

I hope you liked my picks do let me know if you would wear this! I love comments :) 


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  1. This is a perfect wishlist. Love the top, skirt and handbag! The skirt is so cool! love neon xx

  2. That skirt is amazing, I love the look you created! xxx
    Maddy from

  3. love the neon skirt <3 great wishlist!
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  4. Cute list ! :)