Money Supermarkets Big Night In!

When contacted by Money Supermarket and asked to have a Big Night In for £50 I panicked.  For me this challenge created somewhat of an extremely difficult...well, challenge! For me a perfect night in consists of one spent with my family, as it does for many others I assume! This is something we find very difficult to do as our schedules always seem to be working against each other!
However putting this aside we determinedly declared, tonight would be the night and began the planning. Knowing that the evening would land on the hottest day of the year so far only meant one thing...evening BBQ!  
So after a very long day at work I arrived home a little after six exhausted and I'll be honest ready for bed.  After hearing friends stories of time spent at the beach, shops (a cruel irony for me, as I do indeed work in a shop) or simply lapping up the sunshine in the comfort of their own garden I had no inclination for a Big Night In of any kind!
However, having already planned and purchased the goodies for our Big Night In I refused to submit to the misery (ok I may be being slightly melodramatic now) and so here it is!
I know what you're thinking, 'but you're outside'.  I know, I know.  However the rented paradise I call home also comes with a garden and technically still counts. It does does.... (it does).
Our night consisted of a BBQ, my new bikini (which was more of a personal highlight I'll be honest),the highlights of the Wimbledon Final (only just eclipsing my new bikini) and lots and lots of laughter.  Most of all it consisted of time spent in the company of my favourite people in the world.  The food was great, the weather was glorious but the company was spectacular!
Also I have to say staying in really is getting a lot more appealing than going out these days! Inflated restaurant bills, expensive cocktail menus and the fact that a bikini is in no way shape or form suitable for dining out are all factors in my new mantra...staying in really is the new going out!
The best entry will win a prize courtesy of Money Supermarket and while my 'technically outside' Big Night In might not win me the competition I am so pleased I got to share this part of my life with you all!
Happy staying in!


  1. This looks like lots of fun! :)
    Gotta love a family Summer BBQ!

  2. love photos!
    check out my latest look:

  3. Awhh this is lovely...nice bikini...I have it in black :) x