A/W 2013 // Look Ahead //

I have no idea if the things I am wearing are 'officially trendy' as the law (read Vogue/ Caroline 'trend whore' Flack) states. Yet it is what I am likely to be the type of thing I shall be wearing come September. Why now? You may ask. (Did you?) Well, I kinda don't like Summer........(pause for reaction).......I know right! The thing with Summer is, it gets boring. Constant heat equals maxi dress/ floral skater dress repetition, frizzy hair and c'mon lets face it shaving your legs is a bitch. So I am looking ahead only slightly prematurely as I could not bring myself to upload a picture of my Summer wardrobe....and it's been waaaaay to long since my last outfit post!
So here we have A/W. The time when my favourite muted colours come into fruition and I can layer to my hearts content. Bliss. Enjoy!
Coat // Topshop // £79.00
Shirt // H&M // £7.99
Jeans // H&M // £14.99
Necklace // Urban Outfitters // £12.99
Bag// Charity Shop
Hat // H&M // £5.99
The coat and the necklace I picked up on a recent shopping trip to Manchester. I went with one of my bestest male friends and I have to say I had probably the best shopping experience ever! He told me when I looked shit and when I looked OK. Something neither a boyfriend or a female companion can do (unless they want the cold shoulder for a day month or so!).
I cannot recommend this coat enough, if you are after a transitional coat that can guide you through everything from dry/ humid conditions to downpours. Yes I am describing the horror that is currently UK weather.
This necklace I saw a dupe of on another blog and I knew I had to find something similar. I spotted this on a mannequin in Urban Outfitters and I hunted high and low till I found it! I always recommend checking out mannequins in stores as particularly in bigger city stores they more often that not have very highly trained and creative visuals who always seem to get it right! That law doesn't work in New Look however....I don't know what happened there.
What A/W items have you got your eye on? Please do let me know!


  1. Hahaha omg "shaving your legs is a bitch," I TOTALLY FEEL YA.
    That coat is seriously amazing, I'm looking for a gray oversized one myself but I can't seem to find the perfect one (yet). Your entire outfit is adorable, actually. Gosh, I love your blog!! (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  2. Ah this coat is gorgeous, love your outfit!
    Nice hat too, I cant wait to get my bowler back out of the depths of my wardrobe!x


  3. Love the outfit, the coat is gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. Going to have to keep my eye out for that coat. It's gorgeous!

  5. Nice coat! Love it <3


  6. Love the coat! Your necklace is also gorgeous! I've been looking for a shirt like yours - I'll have to look in H&M. Great post!
    Rachael x

  7. Love this coat! I love it when the seasons change and you can wear comfy layers :-) such a great look x

  8. Love it...I am after an oversized coat and this is lush :)

    Charlie xx
    uk fashion & style | lurchhoundloves.com

  9. Yep shaving you legs is a bitch, but I do love a bit of sun in my life (sorry). Loving your A/W look though, gorgeous coat and loving that necklace x