Review // Rapid White Tooth Whitening System

I have been wanting to try out a teeth whitening product for so long and last week I took the plunge and purchased a Rapid White tooth whitening kit from Boots. It promises whiter teeth in 2 weeks and while I did take this claim with a pinch of salt when buying it I thought it might at least make them a bit brighter.

I have been using it for the recommended time (twice daily for 4 minutes each) for a week now and my teeth are already whiter! I am a big coffee/ tea addict, bad for me I know and yet I can't seem to give up my daily latte! This has obviously taken it's toll on my not so pearly whites even with my twice daily brushing routine.  Even my boyfriend was impressed and was all set to buy his own, however the price of £30 did put him off. It is an awful lot of money especially for me as I am attempting to save as many pennies as I can right now, but I think having white teeth is a real confidence booster, so I treated myself.

In the kit you get a pre treatment solution (accelerator) that resembles a chap stick, a tooth whitening gel that you brush onto your tooth and finally a blue light that completes the process and makes your teeth lovely and white!

The instructions on the box are extremely easy to follow so I won't go too much into the mechanics of application but I guarantee you will see a difference even after a few days. I don't smoke so if you have yellow teeth due to that I'm not too sure how well it would work for you or how long it would take for the yellowing to fade.

All in all I am extremely pleased with the fast results and will definitely continue to use this as a short term solution. Teeth whitening can be bad for your teeth so I personally wouldn't rely on this long term, I guess I will have to give up the lattes after all!


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