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After a fair few Christmases of little or no effort on the craft front. I've decided today will be the day all that changes.  Card holders are one of the biggest wastes of money that I have ever come across in my entire life. Cardboard ones, however cheap, are not value for money. You would be lucky to get one year's use out of it, before it succumbs to the crushing weight of 70 odd baubles in the shed.  Wire ones, well, don't get me started. Cumbersome and impossible to store compactly they also fall under the 'might go out of fashion' pile you probably also have in your wardrobe. Don't do it.  


I made mine out of red ribbon and drawing pins. I didn't take 'how to' style photographs as it really is so simple. Begin with the top of the star and create a triangle to the size you want and the rest will just kind of happen! Your attatching it straight to the wall so make sure you leave plenty of room for the finished star! It is really very easy though. I got satin ribbon from my local market, 40p a metre. Bargain! I bought 4 metres of ribbon in case you were wondering and used it all. I may have got lucky as I had to make very few adjustments to the finished star, so I suggest putting the pins in but not pushing them all the way in just in case you need to alter it at all. Just don't pull to hard or the pins won't hold and you will end up with one long piece of ribbon, no star and a feeling of a wasted 5 minutes that you could have spent eating bacon. Not good.  

For a more luxe feel you may want to purchase red velvet ribbon. Although at £1.40 a metre I didn't think the extra money was worth it. Mine looks fab as it is! 

Finishing touches....

My only finishing touch is to cover the drawing pins! I ran out of ribbon, so tomorrow I will be heading back to get a few more metres to both finish the star and make another star next to this one.  I intend to make the next one smaller and also I might make a little one next to it purely for decoration.  Things always look better in threes. 

You can pretty much go crazy with this. Different textures, alternate colours of ribbons, large stars, small stars. There are lots and lots of options.  

I'm really pleased with mine it looks really good in my red living room! 


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