My bedroom is depressing, magnolia walls, horrifying curtains and a distinct lack of storage make it the Jedward of bedrooms. No one should have to put up with that. Therefore I have been looking for some solutions to my problem.  Here are some items that are definitely on my wish list.

Bird print bedding £11.00.
Cross stitch bed throw, £18.00.
Rose cushion, £7.00.
Silver button cushion, £5.00
(All Asda Home)

This little beauty is a bargain find! Full price at £11.00, this seem's like a sale price! It's out of stock online right now but my local store has it so I suggest you get down to your nearest Asda.  It will probably be on Ebay too. The colours are not true to the picture either. In this picture it looks a lot darker than it actually is.  Its on the white/cream side as opposed to the grey. Something to keep in mind if comparing to your current colour scheme.
Metal wall hanging, £15.00 Asda Home.

I had palpitations when I saw this, it was put in a really out of the way place and there were only a few left in the shop. I had to have it. If I was to sum up what I like, this is it. It's simple and yet interesting I just wish it would fit in with the decor in other rooms of my house, rooms where guests would get to see as I would love for everyone to see this!

By the way this is total coincidence that both these items were from Asda I just happened to see a lot of things I liked in there!

Mood board....
Here's a quick mood board of the vibe I want for my bedroom.....

The look.

Romance, simplicity, vintage style are a few words i chose to describe the look. I intend to buy plenty of candles and lots and lots of different textures of fabric.  I have two large wooden wardrobes which I intend to paint to tie in with my theme. I'll probably paint them white or potentially a very light grey! I have a chandelier to put up too. I will put lots of art on the walls also, Tumblr is a brilliant source for projects like this!  My little DIY project will probably happen sometime in January, so watch this space!


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