Chloe perfume dupe anyone? (part 2)

Hey there! So this is the second post relating to products that have impressed me and encouraged me to repurchase!  The first post featured some of the best make up products I have come across over my time as a complete beauty junkie you can read that here if you so wish!

This post features products I love that work well for my skin and hair type. For the record my 'credentials' so to speak are as so.

Hair:: Long, straight with a natural kink. Prone to frizz and a sufferer of the dreaded 'dry ends'!  On a brighter note, it is extremely thick and naturally voluminous.  

Skin:: I have dry sensitive skin therefore I have to be really careful what products I put on my face!

Does any of this sound like you? Then read on if you fancy potentially trying something new!

1. Naturally Radiant, Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser, Superdrug, £5.99.

Hot Cloth Cleansers are the product of the moment. Two words. 'Home. Spa'. Your face really does feel deeply cleansed.  This Superdrug one I picked up as I was on a budget that particular week, but I was pleasantly surprised!  The smell I must admit is probably not for everyone, cocoa butter and kiwi seem to be the key scents.  The muslim cloth provided is awesome, i wasn't expecting anything special, but I guess you can't really get a square of muslim wrong! These are currently half price in Superdrug as is the rest of the Naturally Radiant range!

As far as these cleansers go Liz Earle has to be my favourite closely followed by the Boots No7 version.  They are both definitely worth a look anyway!

2+3. Organix Brazilian Kerratin Therapy 30 Day Straight' and Aussie Miracle Luscious Long conditioner.

I have tried the Organix straightening treatment before and was impressed with the results.  Although my hair is not overly curly I decided to try it out mainly because it was on offer in Boots.  There are a few issues number  one being that you have to leave the product in your hair for 48 hours.  You place the treatment in your hair (full instructions on the bottle) and comb through, dry with the product still on your hair then straighten.  It does feel very strange!  You also cannot bend your hair at all you can't even place it behind your ear.  Although after the ordeal, yes I do describe it as an ordeal (which I endured over a rainy weekend at home) my hair felt like it had more weight to it. It remained pretty straight after subsequent washes although it did not last the full month in my case.  Although to go to a salon for a treatment like this you would have to hand over a lot of cash so it is a happy compromise for me.  

Aussie Miracle is as you probably already know is a brilliant range.  This is my first time trying out this particular product and I am as impressed with it as the anti frizz conditioning treatment,which I love.  The only hesitation I have towards it is the smell.  As a fan of the original Macadamia scent this does take a lot of getting used to! Even so it doesn't affect the quality and it did what is said on the bottle (read tin)!
 4. L'Oreal Studio Invisi'FX hair spray.

Try and say that with a mouth full of skittles.  L'Oreal= fantastic, need I say more!  I am a total L'Oreal addict so it is no wonder I really rate this! It holds but doesn't leave a sticky residue or make your hair rock hard like a certain other brand *cough* TRESemme *cough, cough*. 

5+6.Boots No7, Protect & Perfect Day Cream and Beauty Serum.  

I received these as a very generous Christmas Gift......the Christmas before last and they are still going!  The quality of the product has not demised in any way and when they finally run out I will be heading out to buy again!  The Day Cream is really thick but instantly melts onto the skin leaving no greasy residue.  The smell is divine also! I use the Beauty Serum on my under eye area, it instantly tightens the skin and leaves the area looking fresh and clear.  

7+8. L'Oreal Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling spray,£5.99.  L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, £9.99.

These are now firmly established in my standard hair care routine.  The trick with these is less is more, particularly with hair oil. One to two pumps of the oil is enough for my hair and I have A LOT of very thick hair.  The heat defense spray is a new product as you probably already know, but I have already grown to love it! Again less is more, spritz on damp hair and it is protected from all that nasty frizz inducing heat!

9. Dove Deodorant.

Is it odd to include a deodorant? It's something we all use daily and I am really fussy with it. Surprisingly so in fact.This is the only one I can tolerate the smell of, simply put. My strong sense of smell can be a total hindrance! 

10.  Next 'London', £8.00.

Here is the Chloe dupe I mentioned! Of course this is totally individual opinion and you may think it smells nothing like it but I really think it does! It is obviously not exactly the same and is simply a stronger version of Chloe, my favourite perfume ever. Alas I have not often got a spare £50 to spare to indulge myself so this for the bargain price of £8 for 50ml will have to do! I received another from this range of perfumes this Christmas,'Milan'. It's just as nice (and reminds me a lot of DKNY Be Delicious) and is priced at £15.00 for 100ml.  Although I don't think Santa wanted me to know that! So head down to your nearest Next and give it a whiff, you may be surprised!

What are your favourite hair and body care products? Do you like any of the ones I've mentioned? Oh and if anyone has any products I have totally missed the boat on please do let me know! Always on the hunt for new things to add to my ever growing collection! By the by if I haven't included a price then it's because I couldn't find a fixed price or simply couldn't remember exactly how much I paid for them! Some are in and out of offers across the various shops at such a rate I suggest trying a few of your favourite shops for the best price!

Thank you so much if you took the time to read this also! Bit of a long one! Would you prefer shorter posts maybe?!

Anyway comment away, make me happy and do let me know what you think!

Sue x    

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