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When I first started blogging I was over at Wordpress.  I decided to change to Blogger when I got the Internet up and running again as I felt all lonely over there!  Most of my favourite Bloggers use it and it just made much more sense to me.  This is my favourite post over there and I decided to bring it over here as it gives you a bit of an insight into what makes me tick! It's a list of my fashion inspirations. Whether it's the way they dress or just their general vibe I really rate these ladies! Hope you enjoy!

    1. Jane Birkin

An actress, a singer and a muse. This woman epitomises style. She revelled in the 'swinging 60's', she came, she saw and she conquered. She ultimately became notorious due to her relationship with the raconteur Serge Gainsbourg but in the end she cemented herself in fashion history in her own right. How did she do this?  Well, she epitomised effortless style. Jane Birkin is a white shirt, no make-up, kempt-yet-unkempt hair kinda woman. She had a fringe that would make Peppermint Patty green with envy, legs to die for and a complexion so sun-kissed she may as well have invented the tan!  She had a bag named after her...a bag she later rejected! She is one of my style icons not only because she is beautiful and stylish but because she did it without even trying, she knew her own mind and my god did she stick to it. She is something to look up to, something that can't be copied and if you don't already I urge you to get a print of this woman in your a reminder to be unique.

    2. Lily Allen.

To begin with I did not think that much of Lily Rose Allen. She seemed annoying, loud and far too opinionated for my liking. Her style at the beginning of her career mainly made up of garish prom dresses and multi-coloured converse/doc martins. I let her be though, gritted my teeth through Smile and LDN while secretly thinking....there's something about this girl (as I poured over the latest issue of Heat magazine to see her latest fashion faux pas). But why did I care?
It wasnt until a year later when she started hanging out with Kate Moss. Her style slowly changed...i started to envy her outfits. What was happening? Ah! of course, she was growing up. When I think back to my 'teenage self ' dress sense. I shudder. I want to wrap myself in a Gucci pashmina to cement that I now know what the words Gucci and pashmina mean. I was a mess of ill fitting blazers and dodgy band t-shirts from the 'should not see the light of day section' in Topshop. *Shudder* But it's fine! As I grew up  things improved somewhat just like they did with Lily. Lily Allen is my soul sister. She epitomises what I now want to wear if I had her millions. She is a dream in Chanel and one day Lily I will own a Chanel number. It may be a few seasons out of date...but it will still be Chanel!

 3.  My friends.

Ok, so none of you are going to know these people personally but I think it's an important point to make. Most of my current, everyday fashion choices are influenced by my mates. They are constantly there, whether you see them in person or simply as an update on Facebook, they are the people I relate to the most (after all we chose each other as friends! ) and are available for quick round the clock fashion advice. Whether it's the cool, London, up to the minute stylings of Lynsey, the 'pristine to the last stitch' stylings of her latest vintage inspired shirt courtesy of Donna or the high street honey that is Stacey, I have someone to call on for every single possible occasion.  Sometimes without them even knowing it! How many of us have seen our besties in a gorgeous Topshop frock only to go out the same day and coincidentally see something similar...and buy said item. Well surprise, surprise this is no coincidence. Like a celebrity our friends are where we get out inspiration, it's not copying it's inevitable! Just like you have similar tastes in films, Starbucks orders and god forbid boys, you also probably both like belted trenchs' and playsuits. So next time you're in a bit of a style rut, take inspiration from the girl right next to you....just maybe not the *exact* same thing as emulating identical twins is not going to win you friend points!

4. Alexa Chung.

I'm not going to lie. I wish I was Alexa Chung. To me she *is* style.  From when she first came onto the scene I was deeply envious of her. Even with her long hair. In the June  issue of Vogue she refered to the mane thus fourth “I’d like to look like Ali MacGraw, but I look sh*t with long hair." Not technically true Alexa, but what is true is the minute she cut of those locks she became a star. An attainable star. A rock chick without the rock.  Her gawky Keira Knightly style looks, knobbly knees and slightly sticky out ears make her.  She is a designers dream, a clothes horse, she's worn all the greats but still somehow manages to look like 'that girl at that gig'. I love this! I want to be 'that girl at that gig' maybe I am. Probably not. Alexa Chung and your array of high-waisted shorts I love you.

5. Karen Gillan

Karen is a new breed of fashion icon. In no way affiliated with clothing but my fascination with her far exceeds the confines of Doctor Who, of which she is the star. From watching various behind the scene documentaries I took notice of flame haired, over-sized jumper wearing Karen. She looked pretty damn cool. In a fashion icon what else is there to look for?? She looked cool I like what she wore and I would like to get me some of that!
So anyway..
This is by no means a list of the greatest fashion icons of all time. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. These are my likes and maybe your dislikes. Which works out fine, you don't want to look like me and I don't want to look like you. Embrace and emulate your own fashion icons and see what happens, you never know you may end up seeing someone you know in something you wore last week. Wouldnt that be exciting!

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