H&M bargains and Primark mini haul...

Here are a few little cheeky purchases I made this week.  It all was not very expensive at all, I love a bargain! 

Skirt H&M, £5.00 in the sale  (although free with a discount card!)

I love this skirt! Its really glam and I'm looking forward to finding ways to wear it in the daytime as well as during the evenings.  Its stretchy so is really easy to wear and even though it is gold it's not cheap looking on at all. Brilliant buy!

Grey bag, H&M, £5.00 in the sale.

I've wanted this bag for soo long! It was reduced from wait for it ......£29.99. How amazing is that! It also comes in black and bright yellow amd has arm straps and also a long shoulder strap. I've never really got on with the arm strap I always feel a bit silly wandering around with a bag there....as though I should also have a chihuahua somewhere on my person. Hmmm not very me.  It's also worth mentioning this bag is a dupe of a Zara bag I've been lusting over therefore I am unbelievably excited to own this bag!

Carpet bag, Tesco, £6.00 in the sale.

Ahhhhhh is all I can say about this bag! It was such a find and from Tesco of all places.  I absolutely love the style of it, it really is a bag for holding all of your worldly possessions and then some. So cheap and a real January sales find.

Black fur gilet, Internationalle, £12.99 in the sale.

After lusting after the Topshop version at a purse un-friendly price of £55.00 I spotted this after literally trawling shops for weeks.  Internationalle is one of those places you don't head to straight away, it's one of those 'i'll just check' places and 'just check' I did! Result!

Mink studded shoes, Primark, £8.00 in the sale.

Love these, they are pretty self explanatory studded shoes kind of Topshop Vectra dupes (minus some serious studdage). They look cream in the photo but they are darker than that in real life.  These also come in black and cream though.

Cross necklace, £2.00, Cross belt £2.50, both Primark.

Crosses,well what can I say, still in fashion and I hope they stay that way! You can't go wrong really both look more expensive than they actually were.  I also use the necklace as a bracelet, dual use yay!

Necklaces i'm wearing....
Top one, Topshop, £3.50, middle, Primark £1.00, bottom, Primark, £3.00.

I never bought these with the intention of layering but I think they look really good together.  Who knew!

Hair cuff, H&M, £2.99.

This little rose gold beauty is the best way to jazz up a simple pony tail. I don't really wear my hair up in this way but after spotting these I think my opinion has officially changed!  There are so many different varieties of these as well, so more will definitely be added to my collection!

Hopefully this has given you some sales inspiration! What shops have you ventured to in the sales? Any bargains? Do tell, do tell!



  1. i have been trying to search down that rose gold hair cuff but cant find it anywhere :( been to 5 different h&m stores now - it looks gorgeous :)

    great blog, just found yours i am your newest follower :0)