In the spotlight ::Brashy Couture.

Hello fellow fashion lovers!  Just a quick post today to tell you all about 'Brashy Couture'.  A company I found that produce some of the best T-Shirts I have seen in a long time!

Now, slogan tees are in no way a new thing neither are the slogans themselves necessarily very individual. However this aside the slogan tee is here to stay.  There is just something so effortlessly cool about emblazoning your chesticles with a nonchalant often ironic statement don't you think? 

Well Brashy Couture are no exception to this rule, in fact I might go so far to say that they have managed to take a trend widely copied accross the high street and made it fresh again. 

The now famous Topshop 'Geek' T-Shirt is one of the fashion leaders when it comes to the ironic emblazonment of chesticles and this has seen the fashion masses embrace their Gleek side.  Yes I am referring to the episode of Glee where they pick a tee with their biggest 'issue' written accross the front. We don't have to be so personal of course, although if you want to express your love for Home& Away via a short sleeved, cotton/polyester blend gateway then you do just that!

Here are a few of my favourites from the line 'Home & Away' free...

(All images courtesy of Brashy Couture) 


How amazing right?! The T-Shirts are available to buy on ASOS Marketplace. Also Brashy Couture has it's own website with a lot more options to choose from! Free shipping worldwide too!

What is your favourite? Do you think the slogan tee is 'so last season' or is it here to stay? I would also like to mention I am in no way being compensated by the brand, I just really really like the tee's and wanted to tell you all about them! 



  1. Love the slogans on these tees xxxx

  2. I love a good slogan tee, love the first one best xx

  3. I bought Topshop's GEEK t shirt in September. Totally put off by how many people have it now! :-( x

  4. I love these! May have to get one - they're way cheaper than the Wildfox & Zoe Karsson tshirts too :) xx