River Island and Company Magazine Competition!

Hello there! I'm coming to you today from my boyfriends laptop and I have to say it is mighty strange! Mainly because mine is on it's last legs and his is rather snazzy! 

Sunday afternoons are the perfect time for style blogging and so I thought I would share with you an OOTD! The whole reason I did this was to enter the pictures into the recent River Island style competition.  The comp is in collaboration with my favourite ever magazine Company! You can find the details here.  

Basically so long as you have Twitter you can enter! Here is my own entry.  

Coat - £10.00 (sale price, originally £29.99)
(Faux) Leather stretch trousers- £7.99, H&M 
Denim and leopard print shirt - 99p, Ebay
Scarf - £7.99, H&M
Studded boots- £29.99, H&M
Studded ankle socks - £1.50, Primark


Necklace - Topshop, £2.50 (sale price)

 Yin/Yang ring, Vintage market, £99p
Celtic band - Vintage market, 99p
'S' ring - Topshop, £2 (sale price)
Spiked rings- H&M, 2.99 (more in set)

The scarf and the trousers are now in the sale! The scarf got reduced to £2 and the trousers got reduced to £5.  I seem to have a knack for picking future sale items!

 I love this shirt so much. I have said before how much I love contrast fabrics and it was an absolute bargain as it was free postage and packaging too.  I got it from a seller in Hong Kong so of course I had to wait a while for its arrival but in total it took 2 and a half weeks. Which is the least amount of time I've ever waited. Plus it was totally worth it! 

 The coat is brilliant I cannot recommend it enough. I was hesitant to pay the rather hefty price tag of £29.99 at first, but for £10 you cannot go wrong for a lovely thick and stylish winter coat!

Will you be entering the River Island style competition? 



  1. great outfit!! love your blog so much :)

  2. Lovely outfit! xxx

    1. Thankyou! Braved the cold in short sleeves!

      Sue x