Get the look ::: Alexa Chung

Once a model/sarky T4 presenter now a totally uber famous in America model/New York doll. The girl done good.

Looking like Alexa or at least emulating her isn't that hard.  Think shorts, Breton stripes and a bit of Chanel arm candy.  Ok so the Chanel is a bit out of the 'regular girls' reach (unless you have extremely generous parents/boyfriend!). But for emulations sake, we can do this!  With London and New York Fashion Weeks coming up it is safe to say Alexa will be there.  Chanel and all.  I'm looking forward to seeing what (or who) she will be wearing! 

Here's my take.  

Striped dress//H&M//old.

Mac//New Look//courtesy of a charity shop

Shoes//Zara TRF//£25.99

Bag//charity shop

Tartan scarf//H&M//£2.00 (in the sale) 

Michael Kors style gold watch//River Island//£10.00 (in the sale)

This is a Fashion Week/Spring ready look.  Breton stripes aren't going anywhere fast.  They were brought to the fashion forefront by none other than Coco Chanel, so with Alexa's blatant love for all things Coco it's no wonder she is barely out of them! Yes they had their time in the sun last year but they will be back next season.  As they are every season!

Mac's are classic.  They go with EVERYTHING I suggest investing in one if you haven't already, you will use it a lot.  If i'm honest I wish I had one a lighter beige than this.  This one is darker than I would like so am on the lookout for a new one myself!  I've rolled the sleeves up on mine, I roll the sleeves up on everything! I just think it makes it look a little more styled, like you've put some thought into your outfit without actually doing a lot.  

I made a special trip to Chester for these shoes.  Fell. In. Love. I might even get them a Valentines Day card. You know when you see something and you can't rest until you get it? Yeah, that's me and these shoes.  The ankle straps are so cute and they are so comfortable! Strange though, I got these in a 5 and there is nowhere on Gods green earth I am a 5, i'm a 6 everywhere and a 7 in Primark.  Never owned a pair of 5s in my life! Although i'm not complaining!

Do you rate Alexas style? What are your style icons? Any Fashion Week regulars? I will be doing a Fashion Week style post soon so watch out for that!



  1. Love your Dip Dye hair - you do the Alexa look so well :)

    LurchHoundLoves Fashion & Beauty Blog

    Charlie xx

  2. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous! I love a breton stripe! It's so effortlessly chic.

    Sophs xx

    The Sopho Diaries

  3. I love her and I love this post + your look! Those shoes and bag are amazing and your hair also! You look amazing.

    -Joey xo

  4. Love this look and her too! xxx

  5. This outfit is gorgeous, you have done a great take on an Alexa Chung style I love her style! I have such hair envy of you as well! x

  6. Really like this post, Alexa Chung is incredible and you pull of her look so well! The mac especially is gorgeous. Definitely following you, adore your looks! xox

  7. Love your outfit, your mac is lovely! Great charity shop find! xxx

  8. You look gorgeous Sue and love your hair style! :)
    I got that bag from Asos :)