Top of the crops | The nineties

The 90s are back in a big way.  Saved By the Bell chic is the look to go for! Cropped tops and high waists are the easiest ways to get this look.  Crop tops are actually surprisingly flattering on when worn with high waisted skirts and shorts!  Hourglass and pear shapes are perfect for this look and can pull it off just as well as slender girls! I have wide hips and I find this look completely detracts from this and skims over them perfectly!  

Black crop top//Topshop//£10.00
Black faux leather waistcoat//H&M//£24.99
Kiminchi Blue skirt//Urban Outfitter courtesy of a charity shop//£2.49
Lace up wedges//New Look//£7.00 (in the sale)
Green triangle necklace//Dorothy Perkins//£1.00 (in the sale) 
Hat//H&M//£5.00 (in the sale)

The crop top has become such a staple of mine lately, I've even ordered a pair of braces on Ebay! Love wearing it with this skirt!If you are bottom heavy I suggest wearing darker colours on the lower part of your body like me! This will balance you out  a lot more.  Lighter colours can be very unforgiving particularly if you are daring to bare! Also if you have a large chest block colours with a high neck and long sleeves will hide this fact. There are plenty of turtle neck crop tops out there which are perfect!  For small chested girls (like me!) this type of top also makes you look like you have something there! Hurrah! 

The waistcoat just screams 90s to me, particularly a leather one! They are easy to get wrong though and sometimes can be outfit overkill.  I wore mine black on black, it tones it down a lot but you still get the look. I have studded this myself with some small pyramid studs I purchased from Ebay.  They cost £1.99 for 100. I had to wait ages for these though, i'm pretty sure it was close to three weeks! I had forgot about them by the time they arrived! But was so pleased when they did.  

They are super easy to use too, simply press the pins (at the back of the studs) through the item of clothing and bend over with a thimble or a penny (or your finger if you're hard!).  I suggest you lay them out carefully first on the garment before you take the plunge as they do make holes, although I guess that is a little obvious! Also be careful what you stud, thinner fabrics are better as the studs i received were only quite thin so probably would have not gone all the way through thicker fabric. This waistcoat was perfect for such a task! I've found a similar seller here for studs they are UK based so if you are in the UK you might not have to wait as long as I did, super cheap too!

A lot of people don't wear brown and black together, but I do all the time.  I love the look! As a girl who wears tights all the time (you can probably see a pattern emerging with previous posts) i like to wear brown shoes as a change from black, but will never give up my black opaques! I have terrible legs, always have.  I have dry skin and a terrible rash appears every time I shave making them unsuitable for being seen outside! Trust me I'm not being precious, I have got used to it and work around it.  The summer months are always difficult for me however I much prefer Autumn and Winter! 

I have some very exciting news for you all! I have a Giveaway going up tomorrow and it's a good one! Trust me you are going to love it! 

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  1. Great outfit! Love your ombre hair! xxx

  2. I love this outfit! The skirt and the top look so good!
    - Charlotte

  3. Amazing! I need to get myself one of those magic crop tops

  4. Gorgeous!!
    I have a black 3 1/4 top that I bought ages ago because it was "basic" but which I've never worn.. I think I need to introduce it to my scissors ^_^

  5. Your skirt is HEAVEN in a piece of fabric.<3 I also love what you write- that's something bloggers don't do enough! Just beautiful.

    Greta xoxo

  6. I am in love with your Dip Dye and your tiny waist <3



  7. Love this outfit! x

  8. I love your outfit, the crop top is lovely! xxx

  9. Looooveee it! Freaking love 90s!! I've been umming and ahhing over buying that crop top but I think I'll finally get it!
    Amber from