Outfit of the Weekend.

Hello! This weekend I went to stay on a farm in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales and it was bloody fantastic! I went shopping around the town and mainly watched a lot of Volleyball and I mean a lot! 

Aber has the BIGGEST student population, if you have never been I suggest you get yourself there pronto this Summer.  It's such an eclectic town and I guarantee whatever you are into you will find something to pique your interest.  Well, that's my bit done for the tourism in Mid Wales anyway! 

I of course decided to wear a very practical outfit for farm life....a white crop top and a floral mini skirt.  As you do.  In my defence this was my 'travelling' outfit which also had to serve as a shopping outfit as I met a friend for coffee during the day! Here I am in a Toppers fitting room....I proceeded to try on clothes I can't afford right now.  Why do we do it to ourselves! 

White cropped tee//Topshop//£10.00
Floral skirt//Urban Outfitters via a Charity Shop
Watch//River Island//£10.00 (in the sale)
Spiked necklace//Delilah Dust//£4.00
Chain necklace//H&M//Gift

I am wearing my new Delilah Dust necklace here! After collaborating with Antonia from DD I had to make a purchase myself! I am so pleased with it, it's so well made and I've had lots of compliments over it already!

Outfit I can't afford number one...

aaaaaand Number Two.  I don't remember the cost of these beauties! I didn't take much notice to be honest, I just know that I want them and can't buy them! Cry.

I am sorry to say I didn't get a lot of time in the town centre! I do however know Aberystwyth University Sports Centre like the back of my hand! Kettle Chips in every vending machine! Yay. My favourite shop was one called Her Dandy Wolf.  I am in love with this shop! I wish there were places like this where I live, however I fear I will be waiting a very long time! 

 Ahhhh Aber i will be back!!



  1. Volleyball, Topshop and painted houses. Eclectic indeed! Love the monochrome top! x

  2. Love your denim jacket! xx


  3. Fab pics! I love the painted houses xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. love all of your outfits! the monochrome top is amazing!
    xx Ayesha


  5. I love the skirt, it looks like a lovely place! xxx

  6. Love the first outfit! and the other one as well actually!
    - Charlotte

  7. The denim jacket is lovely. Great photographs :)

  8. love those Topshop clothes! I always leave there feeling sad as I can't afford anything haha. Lovely pictures :)
    you have a gorgeous blog, just started following you

  9. amazing style!!! <3