Rip her to shreds...

I've become obsessed with ripped denim, so much so I felt I had to share it with you all!  After spying this picture of the Man Repeller herself Leandra Medine pictured here at New York Fashion Week, I now want to rip all of my shreds!
Its not new and its not clever yet its one of those trends that keeps coming back around.  It's easy to get wrong though, there is stylish and there is tatty.  Getting it right is all part of the fun though! 
I think the main thing I love about this outfit is how easy it is to do with things you already own.  I can safely say I own something that would act as an emulation to each and every single thing she is wearing.  If you haven't seen Leandra's blog before I suggest you check it out.  She dresses so simply yet looks astounding in every single picture.  Ahh to be that cool  

Ironically however the perfect rip is quite hard to achieve yourself and actually I am not quite ready to butcher my own lovely looking jeans just to the shops I shall go!

When I say shops I mean charity shops! I seem to be astoundingly lucky with them. I have found many many gems in my local ones.  Whenever I go to a new town/city I instantly scour the surrounding area for the familiar  red signage of the British Heart Foundation.  I have found major high street brands as well as one off vintage treasures, even an Aquascutum trench coat.  One mans trash really is another mans treasure.  Or girl in my case.  So I am quite hopeful I will find something to my liking, even with the limited number of shops I have at my disposal!

Therefore I shall be heading off tomorrow to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans I can cut up as soon as I get home! My BF will most probably think me mad and attempt to steal them from me!

Of course the great British high street has a number of versions ready to go, I found some good ones for you!



It's like Spring/Summer on a stick (thin model).

River Island

Love the simplicity of the styling in the above picture! Grey T Shirts are my favourite thing to wear, you can pick then up for less than a fiver and they go with everything! Literally everything.  I often get dressed for an occasion and have a mini 'I think I'm over dressed' meltdown and promptly swap my top for a trusty grey number and there you go, perfect.  Try it!


I shall do a post on my charity shop finds soon! I think it's long overdue!

Ripped denim? Yay or nay? Are you going to try it yourself? Do let me know!



  1. Me too, i've been looking for a good ripped denim for a while now.

  2. I love ripped denim too, but I don't want anything that is 'too' ripped! xxx

  3. i really liked how asos styled it & looking forward to your charity shop finds.


  4. I love ripped Jeans too, combined to a classy Jacket and great bag!


    Fashion Seine