An Ebay haul for only £18.23! Hells yeah!

I am skint beyond belief or rather, choosing not to spend money in an attempt to be able to holiday somewhere this Summer! Nowhere extravagant of course, I will stick to Wales, there are so many nice places to visit not that are not that far away at all! 

However, as we all know the first step to failure is putting a stop on your spending.  It's best to wean yourself off slowly or ban certain shops.  For me that shop is Primark, I spend ungodly amounts in there and it had to stop! So my new port of call is Ebay, you can get some amazing dupes on there if you know what you are looking for amazingly cheaply and I have a particular affiliation for the Hong Kong based sellers. 

Heres an outfit I have on my lust list, although probably not one for the snow!

 Total £18.23
*regarding the shoes the seller has RATHER ANNOYINGLY decided to take down the listing.  Here are some alternatives that are unfortunately more expensive! But! I will keep my eyes peeled for the originals and update the post accordingly! Sorry guys!

And if your wanting to add some jewellery then here are a few price kind beauties I found during an extremely quick search of Ebay!  

Total £13.96

Buying internationally has it's pros, like the super cheap prices as well as its cons the main one being how long it takes to receive things! It really does depend though.  The main thing to remember is don't buy around a major holiday, you will be waiting for weeks and weeks but the most I've waited is probably 3 weeks. That, I can live with especially as they are so cheap to begin with! Besides I never need anything so urgently that I can't wait!  Not all of the items I have picked out are from International sellers though! The tie dye top for example is from a UK seller and could be with you in a few days! I've already ordered mine, although the snow is putting the stoppers on it!

  Most of these also have free postage and packaging and of the ones that don't in total it only comes to £3.98. For all of this! How good is that! 

Have you got your eye on anything I've picked out? Any Ebay horror stories? What do you think of International sellers... any bargains you know of? Do let me know! 



  1. what seller are the above knuckle rings from? Love them, such a cute outfit too x

  2. Ooo good catch Alice! I've just realised I haven't put the buying info on there!! Haha, I got so excited about putting the post up! Will sort it now! Here's the linkage :)


  3. Ahh this is great - I love a good ebay bargain, haha! Love the shoes, spikey necklace and knuckle rings.

    Thanks for this post :)

    Emily x

  4. I love the spike collar and the knuckle rings, such an amazing price for them all too! xxx ♥

  5. What great bargains! I bloody love eBay <3
    Megan xxx

  6. Hey girl :)
    I really like your blog so I nominated you for the Liebster Award. For details click on the following link :)

  7. Wow you have some amazing finds! I'm definitely getting some of those above the knuckle rings :) Love your blog lovely - following :) xxx

  8. Literally don't know where I'd be without ebay! Such good stuff, I love that tote bag. It always puts me off that the stuff from china takes so long to arrive though!


  9. Beautiful Flatforms - great post.

  10. You got a great outfit for that price! I'm loving eBay at the moment :) xx

  11. Ooh, I likve that skirt! I love jerseyskirts...<3 I have only good stories about my ebay purchases, and I´ve purchased a LOT.. hehe :) Im glad I havent experienced any horror :)