Floral crown- Spring-time #HOTD

I have always wanted a floral crown but always hesitated as I never thought I could pull one off, so I did the sensible thing and bought one anyway! When I saw this one in H&M I fell in love the colours are amazing, quite gothic which makes it a little less girly,which I like! 

I have quite literally thrown my hair up here, I am no hair expert I am probably one of the most unimaginative people ever when it comes to hair! Boring huh! Well at least I'm honest! As someone with really long, thick hair, I find it so difficult to get it into an up do and to get it to stay there! Hence the millions of (visible- eeeek) kirby grips I have used in the below look! 

Floral crown//H&M//£6.99

Messy up dos are my go to look, as I said earlier I don't do hair and the main reason for this is the amount of time and effort it takes to get my fingers to make anything look good! I always look at pictures of lovely vintage ladies who manage to do victory rolls with one hand and make a brew with the other and I will admit it I am so jealous! You have a talent girls! So instead I will continue to walk around with my messy do, while claiming that it is a 'look'! 

Flowers in your hair can be overkill but I think in this sense (a floral crown sense) they work. This hairstyle is one I will carry right through to Summer. I am considering making my own floral crown, it doesn't seem like it would be that tasking! If you know of any tutorials, do send them my way! 

Here are some alternative floral crowns I found! From some of my favourite online shops!

Rock & Rose 
 Crown & Glory 

 Do you have an array of floral crowns? How do you style your hair for Spring? Do let me know, comments make me happy!


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  1. That looks great! I could never make a crown either tbh (too lazy) xx

  2. Ohh lovely hairstyle :)

    Followed you!


  3. This is so pretty, I really want one of these! xxx

  4. Super cute crown. I'm not sure if they'd suit me either, maybe one day I'll give in!

    Hair drives me insane. I just cannot seem to muster up anything relatively decent to do with it so messy is key. Sometimes I can't even get that right! xx

  5. I'm absolutely loving the floral crown lately, especially for spring! they've got some lovely ones over at dollybowbow.com i think! great blog too, now following you :) xx

  6. ahh im planning on making a floral crown, been looking into it! the proper ones though require like actual florists wire etc! i wll find an easier way!! I blogged the other day about floral crowns, found some amazing photos of some! I really want one, but being obsessed with flowers I have a set type of flowers in mind that I would want on it, hence me thinking i need to make my own!
    much love xxx

  7. This is so pretty! Great post, would you like to follow each other?


  8. After seeing this post, I couldn't resist a trip to H&M. I was so heartbroken to see they didn't have it! Problems of living in a small town, need to hit the city soon as this is a must have!! I'll need to make do with my Claire's floral head band for now, it's quite similar but the flowers are a lot smaller, perfect for beginning Spring with though! x

  9. love this! been looking for floral crowns everywhere that are this cheap! love the look on you xx following! missbaigent.blogspot.co.uk