Sense and Sensibility

Well hello there and hello sunshine!! ...and erm snow! What a strange week we have been having weather wise.  Not one to generally talk about the weather I am shocked at how easily this weather related chit chat is transferring onto the page!  It does however mean I can wholeheartedly apologise for the super bright sunshine in these pictures! However I cannot alas do anything about the direction of the sun and neither am I going to complain of it's presence.  Long may it stay! 

One good thing about the sun is that it is definitely warm enough to bare your ankles! Lets save the whole leg for a few months yet! So like some kind of naughty Victorian lady type I present to you, my ankles! They are ready for an outing, pastiness aside!  The whole 'baring of the ankles' thing inspired the naming of this post actually.  I find a lot of the customs of days gone by fascinating, the idea of it being frowned upon to show your ankles is down right strange. The first clothing custom that pops into my head from recent times is the old adage  Tits or leg.  Never both. Bit of a leap. 

Anyway here is my not very Victorian outfit. 

Boots//New Look//£7.00
Bowler hat//H&M//£5.99

Yet again another very H&M heavy outfit, I do this without even realising! These tapestry print trousers are the star of the show.  I saw them and knew I had to have them.  They are an extremely rich, dark red and not my ususal colour choice at all.  But I think this is why I love them! They fit like a dream and seem to suit my 5'7 stature.  

 I tend to have, shall we say 'issues' with trousers I often look like I have grown out of my clothes Hulk style as my limbs are extremely long! But I'm not going to complain about my height or build, as quite frankly it makes me feel uncomfortable when others do. I am a big advocator of being happy with your lot, as there are some things (like height) that you will simply never change.  Not that you should even want to! 


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  1. Those trousers are absolutely beautiful! I looove printed trousers at the moment. Great outfit :)


  2. ADORE this outfit, you look amazing! xo

  3. In love with those trousers. I saw the in my local h&m yesterday, on the mannequin. And fell in love. I need to purchase this

  4. Ahh the trousers are gorgeous! H & M never lets me down, I always walk away with something which is something when your really fussy! xx

  5. I love your trousers, they are such a lovely print! xxxx ♥

  6. Love those trousers! I've been looking for a pair like those that would be perfect :)



  8. Love that your from wales!
    I was just in London actually!!!

  9. ugh I hear you, I always have problems with pants, skirts and dresses being too short. But you styled these trousers beautifully!

  10. Loving those pants! I think brocades are totally underrated!

    Amanda of Prim and Propah