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Can I just tell you I squealed when I received these little packages.  The lovely people at Four Beautiful Keys decided to choose little old me to feature and review for you two of their lovely pieces.  The squeal came courtesy of the absolutely adorable personalised 'S' bracelet with Predict The Day etched into it.  This is something I will truely keep forever and the fact it had my blog name on it actually made me rethink my blogging break! I am so proud of my blog and this has just reminded me of it! 

As Four Beautiful Keys took the time to give me such personalised service has left me in no doubt of their customer service skills.  I will order from them in an instant! The jewellery arrived extremely well packaged with lots of packing material to protect it in transit. Crazy pleased!

The silver butterfly cord bracelet (£20.00) is reminisce of jewellery I already own so I loved it instantly.  Really simple, edgy but girly at the same time with the lovely little butterfly charm. I will get lots of use out of this, it's a really deep blue and goes with most things!  

There is real heart behind this business and I feel like what I have here is something really special.  All the jewellery is hand made so therefore no two pieces will be the same. I love this! I will treasure both these bracelets and would like to sincerely thank Hayley (owner and jewellery creator)for letting me tell you  about and show you her wonderful jewellery! 

Go check out the website if you are looking for a present for a loved one or even for yourself I can't recommend them enough!



  1. Love what you got, looks amazing! xxx

    Maddy from

  2. I'm not surprised you squealed! I wouldn't take the stunning etched bracelet off - what an amazing touch. xx