Made In Manchester

Hi there! Another day another outfit post! This ones quite a simple outfit but it would be great for a day out shopping.  I've mixed my prints here which I love to do.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, I think I've gotten away with it here! Can't beat a cheeky bit of leopard print! Enjoy! 

Gillet // Internacionalle //£12.00 (in the sale)
Top // New Look // £4.00 (in the sale)
Pinafore (worn as skirt) //River Island // £20.00
Shoes // Internacionalle // £5.00 (in the sale)
Bag // H&M //£ 5.00 (in the sale)
Triangle drop earrings // H&M // £3.99
Stud earrings // H&M // £3.99 (part of a set) 
Black & Gold necklace // H&M // Gift
Long triangle necklace // Dorothy Perkins // £1.00 (in the sale)

I love wrapping up with a bit of faux fur.  I really wanted the Topshop one but I just couldn't spend that much money in one go! I am an eternal bargain hunter and very rarely will I part with huge sums of cash on one item (unless it's totally awesome!). I paired it with my much loved New Look striped top, it's got a hole near the shoulder but I can't part with it! I have a problem! 

I decided to tuck in the straps of my River Island pinny because I wanted a black skater skirt and thought it was silly to buy another one so soon! This does the job and you can't see the straps! The shoes are faux pony skin, I bought them in a whim one day and they kinda hurt after a while! But I love the print so I shall keep them!

I love these earrings! I am currently wearing them all the time! I even wore them to Alton Towers on Sunday, I have to say my ears  were in slight peril on Rita but I came away with earlobes still intact so all is good! Slightly bruised though! They are really cheap too.  H&M jewellery never gives me any reactions, I've had issues with New Look and River Island jewellery before which is always a pain! 


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  1. this is a fabbb outfit i love the gilet and the striped top :) xxx

  2. Your outfits are just perfect..really lovely! Nice earrings too :)

  3. That's such a good idea tucking the straps in, it looks really good as a skirt!! Love your shoes and rings too :)
    Eleanor x

  4. Love the turquoise rings, you look beautiful! xxx

    Maddy from