Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

Hey everybody! I'm posting to let you know about the Cosmopolitan 2013 blog awards! Sponsored by Next they are back again for 2013 the awards are similar to the Company Blog Awards! You can nominate any blog you like for each of the categories and you can also nominate yourself! The categories are as follows:

Next Presents: Best Newcomer
Best Established Beauty Blog
Best New Beauty Blog
Best Established Fashion Blog
Best New Fashion Blog
Best Interior Blog, sponsored by Next
Best Vlog
Best Beauty Vlog
Best Food Blog
Best Sex and Relationships Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog
Best Travel Blog
Best Craft Blog
Best International Fashion Blog (with IFB)

Loads of categories!....and so begins the shameless self promotion! I would be unbelievably grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to nominate me in the Best New Fashion Blog category or the Best Newcomer category!

You can nominate any blog you like right here! Of course it would be great if it was mine you chose but I understand it isn't every ones cup of tea! 

Here is a bit of a collage of some of my latest posts, just so you can see the kind of thing I do! 

If you do decide to nominate me then thank you so much! I am eternally grateful!  Will you be taking part? Let me know if you have a food blog as I am on the look out for a great one to nominate! I think they are often underrated! 

Plus link me to your vlogs! I have my fave subscriptions I watch all the time but I am always on the hunt for new ones!! 



  1. Hey hun! I voted for you in best new fashion blog!:) love your pictures:) would love it if could vote for my blog ( for the 'Best Newcomer' it would mean alot! here's the link: thank you!xxx

  2. hi, i like the outfit with the blue dress..
    take a look at my blog,we can follow each other if you want on gfc and bloglovin..let me know..