Purple Haze

Hello! Here we have a little bit of experimentation on my part.  I have seen this style of leggings/trousers all over the place lately.  I've always uhmd and ahhd over whether or not to take the plunge and buy a pair.  I went to Primark this morning after running some errands and came across these leggings! I fell in love with the colour immediately and purchased them straight away! Here is how I styled them.  I am very pleased with the overall look and will most probably be wearing these over the bank holiday weekend! Enjoy! 

Leggings // Primark // £6.00
Shirt //H&M Everyday //£7.99
Sleeveless blazer // H&M Divided Black// £19.99
 Collar // Topshop // £3.50 (in the sale)
Shoes // New Look // £7.00 (in the sale)
Lilac nail polish // H&M (old season) // £2.99

As I have said I love these leggings.  They are the perfect colour for the weather we are having! I loved styling these for evening wear so much I may have a go at styling them for the daytime! So look out for that! As always with good old Primark the price is incredible.  They feel lovely on and are true to size I got an 8 as they do have stretch so didn't want baggy knees! I'm happy with my choice and would recommend a size 8 if you are tall like me! Speaking of tall they are long so are great if you struggle with leggings slipping up like me! This is generally the reason why I avoid leggings like the plague.  Well no more!

I'm not sure what the print on these is called! I want to say either marble or oil paint? Please if you know do let me know! They are so interesting! My BF even likes them and he (and I quote) 'usually hates fancy lady trousers'.  I don't know what he meant either!

This blazer is such a great piece to have in your wardrobe.  It's great for situations like this where I wanted to make sure the outfit was tailored but still wanted to keep it casual but a full sleeve blazer would also look great with this look!  The sleeveless blazer is so versatile too, great for creating contrast sleeves with things you already have.  For example I sometimes wear this over my leather jacket, voila a leather sleeve blazer! 

I rediscovered my lilac nail polish when I was on the hunt for something to match these leggings.  I'm not usually so matchy matchy with my nails but here I think they compliment well.  I would also wear my Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effect nail polish with this look.  Love a bit of edgy texture! 


I also bought a few other bits today from Primark! I'm heading to Chester tomorrow and if the weather is sunny enough I will wear what I bought and of course do another outfit post for you! I will probably also head to Chester Primark too to buy even more stuff haha.  Yay for cheap clothes!

Please do leave comments, I love them! Plus if you know the name of the print on my leggings please do let me know!



  1. Love a primark shop iv not been there in weeks and I can't believe they r from there look great on you outfit is rly cute

  2. Love those leggings on you! Xx

  3. love this outfit, the leggings are so nice! x


  4. £7.00 for those boots! They're stunning. Lovely outfit :)

  5. Seriously in love with the leggings, can't believe they're from Primark:) x


  6. Really love the leggings! I wish I had a Primark in the US!

    -Trina ♥
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  7. Please do more because I really enjoyed reading your article on this.


  8. I love your style!x


  9. the details of the shirt are so cute and feminine! I think its my fav. piece of your outfit :)

    X Andra


  10. Love the leggings and boots ♥