'The Blogger Collection' with Caroline Blomst and Deichmann.

Blogger Caroline Blomst has paired up with Deichmann and has created 'The Blogger Collection'. A range of shoes that span from the downright comfortable to the utterly fabulous! I've always been a big fan of Deichmann so knew that the quality and price would be spot on for me and I was not wrong. Caroline herself is an uber blogger, model, street style darling, designer and sooo wonderfully Swedish....I have a slight obsession with Sweden. So I jumped at the chance to try out a pair of shoes!
Here is how I have styled these super sexy buckle up heels!

Shoes // C.O Deichmann // £24.99
Blouse // H&M // £9.99
Jeans // Primark // £10
Coat // H&M // £29.99
Hat // H&M // £14.99
Fur // H&M

Caroline says 'I love wearing comfortable things, casual things, but then I like to spice things up with accessories' coincidentally I have done just that! I love the idea of rocking these to fashion week, the contrast of the skinny acid wash jeans and towering heels seems very 'street style' to me! The pretty embroidery on the blouse throws in a boho vibe too....why not!

You can find the rest of the collection on Deichmann's website right now where all of the collection is available to buy! Plus of course, if you are as intrigued as I think you're going to be about Caroline Blomst head on over to carolinesmode.com to see what she's been getting up to recently!


This is my entry into the Deichmann blogger competition! The prize is £20,000. You never know hey! 


  1. This is such an adorable look!

  2. You look amazing, I looove the coat with the fur! xxx

  3. I absolutely love these shoes and how you styled them!

  4. Love the shoes! Great styling x